Wholesale Inquiries

Counterpoint Design Resources company, in the distribution business of design products since 2004, brings four world class design brands with unmatched quality products under one roof.  We first started working with Eva Solo Denmark - one of the premier Danish design companies for over 100 years known for its many iconic house-ware products through the years.  Later on we added  JIA Inc. brand from Hong Kong - a company specializing in modern design products that are influenced by iconic ancient Chinese designs.   Next to join our portfolio of companies was Mono of Germany -  a family owned company for over 120 years designing and producing the iconic mono-a flatware and POTT flatware collections designed by Carl Pott, and other housewares products all made in Germany.   The latest company to join our family of brands is The Napkins  - an innovative company from Switzerland with production in their factory in Italy.  This company produces a line of products that fills the gap between the premium paper napkins and linen napkins.  Its products are one time use napkins that are soft and absorbent and look and feel like textile, and are 100% biodegradable.  The napkins are exclusively designed in Switzerland and produced in Italy exuding a sophisticated European aesthetic while appealing to a wide range of budgets.   The latest products from The Napkins company is the 100% Tree Free and 100% biodegradable napkins are the ultimate environmentally friendly line of products.